Our Story

In the current economic climate architects, builders, property managers, environmental engineers, air conditioning and environmental engineering contractors are all looking for the quick wins’ that will deliver real energy savings and improvements in occupant comfort levels. A building envelope airtightness evaluation and retrofit from Efficiency Matrix is one such opportunity.

Building envelope air barrier assessment and retrofitting is commonplace in markets, such as the US and Europe, where average buildings exhibit air permeability rates 5 to 6 times better than similar buildings in Australia. These buildings set a benchmark that can be easily achieved by Australian buildings if they follow a similar model of air permeability assessment and retrofitting.

After five years of local research and development, as well as an extensive evaluation of technology and best practice from around the world, Efficiency Matrix now provides the most comprehensive, global best practice building envelope airtightness evaluation process and retrofitting capabilities in Australia.

Efficiency Matrix’s primary goal is to help elevate the standard of air permeability of Australian buildings, to a level on par with the most efficient buildings in the world.

The benefits of raising the level of air permeability of Australian buildings include dramatic reductions in energy consumption, improved air quality and comfort levels, lower building maintenance costs and higher building evaluations.

Improving the air permeability rating of buildings is an issue rarely discussed in Australia but is a matter of national significance, as it impacts on the quality of all our lives and can have an immediate and dramatic impact on our national carbon footprint.