Art galleries

The impacts of air infiltration for art galleries can be dramatic. Air infiltration is one of the leading causes of dramatic variations in relative humidity, which has an impact on all artworks. When relative humidity in an art gallery reaches 75%, most art galleries and museums will lose their license to show major works. Air infiltration also affects the comfort of gallery visitors. Retaining a comfortable temperature over the large open volumes is made that much more challenging and expensive when air infiltration undermines even the best HVAC and humidity control equipment. Australian art galleries and museums are now beginning to embrace the assessment and retrofitting process employed by Europe and the US galleries and museums, which are now available in Australia through Efficiency Matrix.

Efficiency Matrix delivers to the Australian market world’s best building envelope air barrier and duct leakage evaluation technology and retrofitting. Efficiency Matrix’s advanced commercial fan pressurization testing, thermal imaging, and tracer gas testing, as well as proprietary air leakage assessments software, delivers comprehensive reporting and documentation on building air permeability. Efficiency Matrix’s retrofitting team use this data and advanced retrofitting techniques to optimize energy usage, improving building comfort and air quality.