Indoor Pools

Indoor pools are always struggling to maintain a balance between air and water temperatures. This problem is exacerbated by air leakage, which is a common problem with Australian indoor pool complexes but much less common in Europe and the US, who also have to contend with more extreme ambient temperature fluctuations. The reason is they utilize building envelope air barrier evaluation and retrofitting technology. A building envelope airtightness evaluation can identify air permeability problems that cause high humidity, mold, trap chlorine smells and make it difficult to balance interior temperatures.

Efficiency Matrix delivers to the Australian market world’s best building envelope air barrier and duct leakage evaluation technology and retrofitting.¬†Efficiency Matrix’s advanced commercial fan pressurisation testing, thermal imaging, and tracer gas testing, as well as proprietary air leakage assessments software, delivers comprehensive reporting and documentation on building air permeability.¬†Efficiency Matrix’s retrofitting team use this data and advanced retrofitting techniques to optimize energy usage, improving building comfort and air quality.