Office Buildings

Australian office buildings can learn much from their European and US counterparts, who have been working with higher energy prices for some years. Buildings in Europe and the US also have to contend with higher climactic temperature fluctuations, which impact on heating and cooling costs. European and US office buildings use building envelope air barrier evaluation and retrofitting processes to reduce energy consumption, improve star ratings, decrease maintenance costs and increase rental and building assessments. Air leakage retrofitting can also deliver increased rental values and building evaluations.

Efficiency Matrix provides to the Australian market world’s best building envelope air barrier and duct leakage assessment technology and retrofitting. Efficiency Matrix’s advanced commercial fan pressurization testing, thermal imaging, and tracer gas testing, as well as proprietary air leakage assessments software, delivers comprehensive reporting and documentation on building air permeability. Efficiency Matrix’s retrofitting team use this data and advanced retrofitting techniques to optimize energy usage, improving building comfort and air quality.