Australian Universities and schools have an opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint, improve student and staff comfort levels and reduce energy and maintenance costs by following a standard technique used by their European and US counterparts. The method is building envelope air barrier evaluation and retrofitting. European and US Universities and schools have been using this technique for decades as an effective way of dealing with higher energy prices and more extreme climatic variations than what we are confronted with in Australia. With energy prices expected to double in most states by 2015 Universities and schools can use Efficiency Matrix’s building envelope air barrier and duct evaluation and retrofitting services to reduce heating and cooling costs on average by as much as 25-35%.

Efficiency Matrix delivers to the Australian market world’s best building envelope air barrier and air conditioning duct leakage evaluation and retrofitting. Efficiency Matrix’s advanced commercial fan pressurization testing, thermal imaging, and tracer gas testing, as well as proprietary air leakage assessments software, delivers comprehensive reporting and documentation on building air permeability. Efficiency Matrix’s retrofitting team use this data and advanced retrofitting techniques to optimize energy usage, improving building comfort and air quality.